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Author Topic: 2013 DreamHack Open: Summer  (Read 17 times)

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2013 DreamHack Open: Summer
« on: June 15, 2013, 07:19:12 pm »
2013 DreamHack Open: Summer
Group A
 Team Property Buffy (Z)
 Micro Machines fishbone (T)
 eXe Goldhead (Z)
 Team Empire Kas (T)

Group B
 Glitche (Z)
 PwF HiTeD   (T)
 Anexis Verdi (P)
 Western Wolves Ziktomini (Z)

Group C
 Millenium Adelscott (P)
 elfi (P)
 Need for Seat Flo (T)
 We Like Cookies Gowerly (R)

Group D
 Lemondogs Forsen (Z)
 WLC ischgi   (Z)
 XMG monchi (P)
 ToD (P)

Group E
 QueenE (P)
 ReZMaN (Z)
Na'Vi Strelok (T)
 XMG XlorD (Z)

Group F
 Team Property Bobson (T)
 Millenium Dayshi (T)
 Fnatic Miniraser (Z)
 DarkStar SocialisT (Z)

Group G
 LES    copyleft (Z)
 Team Property HoBbe (Z)
 TargA   (Z)
 Leipzig E-Sports   TheBigOne (T)

Group H
 Fuzer (T)
 Millenium goswser (Z)
 WLC Schlumpfine (T)
 Druidz WonnaPlay (P)

Group I
 Caheg (T)
 mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
 Western Wolves StarNaN (P)
 Fnatic Zanster (Z)

Group J
 Na'Vi BabyKnight (P)
 dotGaming Duja (P)
 Team Property Jrayc (T)
 Serral (Z)

Group K
 South Point Gaming Nexxy (P)
 Western Wolves MorroW (T)
 soed (Z)
 Newrosoft Welmu (P)

Group L
 Mousesports   Protosser (Z)
 Team Property RunA (P)
 DarkStar Shadowelock (T)
 timestamp (T)

Group M
 Nine Knights Dayman (P)
 NrS KrasS(T)
 NjaL (T)
 Team South Point Xylla (P)

Group N
 Bischu (P)
 Millenium MaddeLisk (Z)
 Suede (Z)
 Tt eSPORTS White-Ra (P)

Group O
 Team Dignitas BlinG (P)
 Darkstar Multi    (P)
 Team Property SjoW (T)
 DucK SpaceDucK (P)

Group P
 WLC MilLoRd (Z)
 Fnatic NightenD (P)
 Team Property Snuffe (Z)

GG Everyone, Good Luck :D
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2013 DreamHack Open: Summer
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2013, 07:28:15 pm »
DreamHack going on until 17th June
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